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Sometimes you just need someone to listen, or someone who can walk through a overwhelming situation with you and have no judgment about a feeling, a decision made, or a thought expressed. And sometimes you don’t want to put that ‘burden’ on a friend or family member – even though they love and care about you.

For many people it is very difficult to start the process of looking for a counselor because even that seems overwhelming and a bit awkward, and then the fears about talking to someone unknown can be intimidating. Well, let us put your mind at ease.

Henderson Counseling Services is a place where you can feel comfortable discussing any situation that you have. We help you find ways to cope with life’s pressures and overcome challenges making you feel less stressed and anxious and better equipped to live a productive life. Kris Henderson, MA, LPC uses research-based Cognitive-Behavioral therapy techniques to help you learn practical psychological tools to use in your daily life. Kris helps you learn practical ways to improve communication, think more positively, and stop negative behaviors so you can have a more fulfilling, happier life!

Henderson Counseling Services is conveniently located at 4565 Wilson Ave., SW, by the Rivertown Crossings Mall in Grandville, MI and is close to the I-96 Highway for ease of travel from Grand Rapids, MI or the Holland, MI area.

Kris schedules her own daytime (Monday – Friday) and evening office hours (Monday – Thursday) by email, phone, or website. She is also a provider on many insurance panels, as well as self-pay for many of her weight loss/management clients.

Kris can be easily reached by phone at 616-516-1570.  You can also schedule your appointment or email Kris here on the website with the easy to use CONTACT blue tab, on the bottom lower right side of each page, and Let’s Talk!

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